Irish Historic Towns Atlas No. 11

Dublin, Part I, to 1610

By H.B. Clarke

The Irish Historic Towns Atlas records the topographical development of a representative selection of Irish towns and cities. Each atlas focuses on a particular town or city and comprises a variety of maps, an essay explaining historical development, and a body of classified topographical information covering the urban area as a whole and its component parts. The Irish Historic Towns Atlas is part of a wider European project, with towns atlases containing broadly similar information available for a number of countries. This atlas, Dublin Part I, to 1610, represents the first in this series. It includes historical and archaeological details of over 1,300 sites and a range of large-format maps, reconstructions and photographs, all offering an unprecedented study of medieval Dublin.

36 pages

Publication Date: 10/31/2002
Format: Pack
ISBN: 9781874045892