Maynooth Library Treasures

Edited by: Agnes Neligan

Treasures are normally the most valued possessions of an institution, kept in a safe place... Our treasures are different in the sense that they are not only part and parcel of our heritage but also part of a living tradition, items from the past yet living objects of present scholarship. Thomas Kabdebo, Librarian, St. Patrick's College The library treasures of Saint Patrick's College, Maynooth, are a powerful cultural magnet, drawing visitors and scholars from Europe and further afield to its unique collections. Here the theology of past centuries is illuminated by the many collections acquired by the library, including those of the Hibernian Bible Society and Bishop Thomas Furlong. Its Special collections section focuses on books 'rich, rare and curious', including an 1876 Moose Cree New Testament and a 13th century manuscript of St. Augustine's De Pastoribus. The rich breadth and diversity of the library's collections covers early Gaelic manuscripts, 19th century pamphlets, architectural plans and drawings, and the famous Salamanca Archives, comprising a stunning 50,000 documents gathered by Irish colleges in Spain over 400 years. Lavishly illustrated throughout in colour and black-and-white, Maynooth Library Treasures celebrates this famous library through a series of fascinating and revealing essays, allowing the reader to discover and appreciate its many wonders.

200 pages

Publication Date: 1/19/1995
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781874045243