Afrikaner Identity

Dysfunction and Grief

By Yves Vanderhaeghen

Central to the book's original contribution is the notion of self-othering", namely the discursive switch present in Afrikaans media that turns perpetrators into victims in an attempt to dislodge the historical burden of collective guilt and assume a new identity of marginalisation - thereby activating a discourse of minority rights and the need for cultural protection. This is a significant, authentic insight that the author goes on to support through empirical analysis of newspaper reports."--Prof. Herman Wasserman, U. of Cape Town, South Africa *** "What have we done?" is a plea heard amid the wreckage of Afrikanerdom. 'Afrikaner' in South African public discourse is more often than not a swear word. This close media study considers how, squeezed in the moral vice of past and present, Afrikaners look in a mirror that reflects only a beautiful people. It is an image of upstanding, hard-working citizens. To hold on to that image requires blinkers, sleights of hand, and contortion. Above all, it requires an inversion of the liberation narrative in which the wretched of South Africa are the historical oppressors, besieged in their language, their homes, their jobs. They are the new 'grievables,' an identity that requires intricate moral maneuvers, and elision as much of the past as of transformation. [Subject: African Studies, Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Politics, South Africa]

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