British Settlers in Natal 1824-1857: A Biographical Register

Volume 8 Haigh-Hogshaw

By Shelagh O'Byrne Spencer

Since 1963, Shelagh O'Byrne Spencer has been engaged in a massive research project to identify the emigrants who came to Natal from Britain before 1858, and to collect biographical material on them and their children. Although Spencer's work focuses on emigrants who came to settle in Natal, the information's usefulness is not confined to this province. Each of the included entries contains biographical information, a list of the settler's children, and a list of sources. The biographies range in length from a few lines to several pages. The list of children includes the dates of their births and deaths, and details of their marriages. (Series: British Settlers in Natal, Vol. 8) [Subject: African Studies, History]

Publication Date: 3/15/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781869143077