Violence in/and the Great Lakes

The Thought of V-Y Mudimbe and Beyond

Edited by: Grant Farred, Kasereka Kavwahirehi, Leonhard Praeg

This collection is, in the best sense of the term, a homage to Valentin Mudimbe. The festschrift's essays honor the intellectual legacy of Mudimbe - for decades now, one of Africa and the diaspora's most significant minds - by taking up the challenges his work poses, be they ethical, political, philosophical, literary, sociological, anthropological, or psychological challenges. The book gathers a group of US- and Africa-based scholars, many of whom are long-time Mudimbe collaborators and colleagues, who use the questions posed, the critiques and insights offered, and the paradigms constructed by Valentin Mudimbe's oeuvre to understand the implication - and, in some instances, the application - of Mudimbe's work in our moment. In this way, the project is true to Mudimbe's deepest commitment, because the collection, for all the range of its contributions, for all the variegated and often dissonant - yet resonant - ways in which the authors take up Mudimbe's thinking, never strays too far from the historic question of violence and the effects of that violence in the Great Lakes region of Africa, and, indeed, of violence in Africa itself. This is, in every important way, the founding inquiry of Mudimbe's work, and it is sustained in this book. Also, his thoughts are given important new life, new philosophical shape, and new political impetus. Questions continue to haunt his writing and, of course, the continent itself. In so honoring Valentin Mudimbe, the book is grounded in a key contribution by Mudimbe himself. Mudimbe is thus, as has long been his wont, reflecting upon his work in the company of those scholars whose work he has influenced and whom, it is clear, have been important interlocutors for Valentin Mudimbe. (Series: Thinking Africa) [Subject: African Studies, Philosophy, Sociology, Cultural Studies]

Publication Date: 8/5/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781869142841