Zulu Plant Names

By Adrian Koopman

Zulu plant names do not just identify plants, they tell us much more about the plant, as well as how it is perceived or used in Zulu culture. For example, the plant name umhlulambazo ('what defeats the axe') tells us that this is a tree with hard, dense wood, and that usondelangange ('come closer so I can embrace you') is a tree with large thorns that snags the passer-by. In a similar vein, both umakuphole ('let it cool down') and icishamlilo ('put out the fire') refer to plants that are used medicinally to treat fevers and inflammations. Plants used as the base of love-charms have names that are particularly colorful, such as unginakile ('she has noticed me'), uvelabahleke ('appear and they smile'), and the wonderfully named ungcingci-wafika-umntakwethu ('how happy I am that you have arrived, my sweetheart!'). And then, there are those plant names that are just plain intriguing, if not mystifying: umakhandakansele ('the heads of Mr Ratel'), isandlasonwabu ('hand of a chameleon'), intombikayibhinci ('the girl does not wear clothes'), and ukhuningomile ('piece of firewood, I am thirsty'). This book details the complex relationship between these plants, the Zulu language, and Zulu culture. [Subject: Botany, African Studies, Cultural Studies, Language]

Publication Date: 7/10/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781869142810