Ju|'hoan Children's Picture Dictionary

By Tsemkgao Fanie Cwi, Kerry Jones

Contributions by: Tsemkgao Fanie Cwi

The Ju|'hoan Children's Picture Dictionary is a collaborative project between the Namibian Ju|'hoan from Namibia's Tsumkwe region and academics from various fields. The primary aim of the dictionary is to provide Ju|'hoan children with a piece of mother-tongue literature that is locally inspired and that can also be shared with those from the outside world. Entries in this thematic dictionary are in the Ju|'hoan Tsumkwe dialect, Afrikaans, and English. All the illustrations and artwork were created by Ju|'hoan people from the Tsumkwe region, who share their knowledge and insight into different facets of Ju|'hoan daily life. Great care has gone into the making of this dictionary, with members of the Ju|'hoan community leading the way in the selection of themes, lexical entries, design, and layout to make this publication a community-driven project that highlights Ju|'hoan culture. The selected entries give rare and fascinating insight into the staple artifacts and traditions of San life. Included is an interactive CD-ROM with a pronunciation guide for each entry provided by Ju|'hoan speakers, as well as a photo and video gallery, short biographies of contributors, interesting information about the Ju|'hoan people and a fun printable language game. The dictionary will help spread awareness about the Ju|'hoan language and culture to stop this endangered language from disappearing forever. This unique and special project/dictionary is a must for anyone with an interest in San life, the San people, and their communities. [Subject: African Studies, Language, Linguistics, Reference]

Publication Date: 8/19/2014
Format: Spiral/Wiro/Comb&CDR
ISBN: 9781869142636