Africa Inside Out

Stories, Tales & Testimonies: A Time of the Writer Anthology

Edited by: Michael Chapman

Africa Inside Out is an anthology of stories, tales, and testimonies that challenges the daily global newscast of an Africa of dictatorships, starvation, and disease. Writers from both within and outside the continent were invited by the 'Time of the Writer Festival' (an annual festival held in Durban, South Africa) to respond to an Africa of the now: an Africa inescapably part of contemporary world culture. In seeking to portray an Africa that goes against the stereotype, these writers pushed boldly against literary expectation. Responses range from quirky interpretations of oral tradition, to explorations of digital possibility, to experiential testimony and humorous renditions of old - and new - conundrums. Africa Inside Out - as its title suggests - does not present the politicized version of Africa. It portrays an Africa in flux, still grappling with familiar problems, but caught up in the global drive towards reinvention and the possibilities of an unpredictable, yet interconnected, future.

134 pages

Publication Date: 3/20/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781869142407