Law, Order and Liberty

Essays in Honour of Tony Mathews

Edited by: Marita Carnelley, Shannon Hoctor

Law, Order and Liberty: Essays in Honour of Tony Mathews pays tribute to an academic and activist who has profoundly influenced South African law through his books and journal articles on democracy and human rights. Tony Mathews' compelling defense of the rule of law and his unremitting championing of the cause of human rights inspired a generation of law students and practitioners in the darkest days of apartheid. His untimely death just prior to the inception of constitutional democracy in South Africa deprived this nation of one of its most incisive legal minds. In honor of Mathews' rich intellectual legacy, this book has assembled contributions - principally focusing on administrative law and justice - from a number of eminent scholars whom were influenced and encouraged by his work. As the book makes abundantly clear, Mathews' principled and powerful critique of the apartheid laws that negated human rights - and eviscerated the legitimacy of the South African legal system - remains as a monument to both his moral courage and his legal brilliance. This tribute is a reminder of the debt owed to Tony Mathews, and it is a rousing and spirited defense of values that Mathews' upheld with such clarity and conviction.

288 pages

Publication Date: 9/1/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781869142148