Within Loving Memory of the Century

An Autobiography

By Azaria J.C. Mbatha

Contributions by: Azaria J.C. Mbatha

Azaria Mbatha is one of South Africa's most important contemporary artists in the last century. This autobiography is rooted in the traditional Zulu heritage of his childhood and the tenets of Christianity imparted by his father. Mbatha weaves his own history into the history of his family, into the history of South Africa and into the history of his time, as he experienced it. The book is a vehicle for Mbatha's spiritual, political and social commentary, and it reflects issues of the author's personal involvement in historical, religious and existential themes. Mbatha writes under a strong sense of compulsion to his generation. He links the lives, experiences and histories he has inherited from earlier generations to lives as yet unborn through the medium of story telling. This autobiography is part memoir, part ethnography, part folk tale, part history and part moral construction. Mbatha adopts a firm stance as a commentator within a crumbling society racked by personal and collective conflict. Within Loving Memory of the Century is freely illustrated with Mbatha's own artwork.

371 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2005
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781869140625