Indigenous Shona Philosophy

Reconstructive insights

By Pascah Mungwini

Some of the most provocative questions confronting philosophers in Africa are grounded in the historical memory of conquest and the peripheralisation of most things African-looming as the nemesis of indigenous philosophy. Author Mungwini offers a critical reconstruction of indigenous Shona philosophy as an aspect of the African intellectual heritage held hostage by colonial modernity. In this comprehensive work, he lays bare the indigenous horizons of thinking and knowing of the Shona, who are credited with the founding of the ancient Great Zimbabwe civilisation. Retracing the epistemic thread of Shona traditions, thoughts, culture and philosophy, he explores the assumptions that inform our thinking and (in)actions, since the exchange of such knowledge is fundamental to the future of humanity. [Subject: African Studies, Philosophy, Colonialism, Sociology]

Publication Date: 9/30/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781868888412

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