Water Stories

Original !Garib narrations about the Water Snake /Waterstories - Oorspronklike !Garib-vertellinge van die Waterslang

Edited by: Mary Lange

Contributions by: Betta Steyn

What do you know about the Water Snake? -- When this question was presented to a group of South Africa's Upington women, it triggered a set of lyrical short stories in an attempt to capture the myth of the Water Snake. The women's responses to the question formed the basis for Water Stories, published with a set of original drawings by regional artist Betta Steyn. Water Stories is a labor of love; a collection of personal histories, reminiscences, and narratives about the Gariep River and the Water Snakes that dwell there. The wellspring of testimonies lies in age-old indigenous beliefs and practices. Traditionally, Khoe-San women associated themselves with the Water Snake in order to be 'lucky' and ensure fecundity and good fortune for themselves and their communities. In the book, Nana, Maria, Martha, Girlie, and Bessa have become narrators - sharing their beliefs surrounding the Water Snake. Whether through religion, myth, or folklore, Water Stories provides a glimpse into the beliefs, customs, traditions, and everyday realities of these people (descendants of, amongst others, the !Xam and Nguni). The volume contains the original regional Afrikaans narrations, supplemented by English translations. [Subject: African Studies, Anthropology, Folklore, Religious Studies, Cultural Studies, Linguistics, Art]

Publication Date: 5/31/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781868887873