Education, Economy & Society

Edited by: Salim Vally, Enver Motala

Education, Economy & Society is a compelling and comprehensive antidote to the misconstrued nature of the relationship between education and society in South Africa. It provides a constructive critique of conventional discourses, but also alternative approaches to understanding the connections between education and the triple scourge of unemployment, inequality, and poverty. The book's contributors passionately argue that South African education finds its value and purpose in a focus on social justice, transformation, and democratic citizenship. The joy of education is to capture human imaginations and unleash their creativity towards a more humane and compassionate society. This rich resource explores the possibilities for a new pedagogy in post-school education and training through empirical research on skills, technology, and issues of employment on the shop floor; a critical analysis of the youth wage subsidy; and workers' education. The book will appeal to a wide audience including students and academics in the fields of industrial sociology, economics, adult education, further education and training, and those in youth development.

Publication Date: 7/31/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781868887583