Language Policy and the Promotion of Peace

African and European Case Studies

Edited by: Neville Alexander, Arnulf von Scheliha

This book brings together the contributions of twelve scholars engaged in language activism, in research, and in promoting peace. The writers are keenly attuned to the potentially genocidal consequences of language differences. They make compelling cases for indigenous non-hegemonic languages to be used and promoted, not only as a means of communication, but to preserve the multilingual communities inhabiting the world. The book is a product of a collegial effort resulting from a symposium on 'Language Policy and the Promotion of Peace or the Prevention of Conflict,' which was held at the University of Osnabruck (Germany) in 2011. While many different 'angles of vision,' positions, approaches, and emphases are argued in the contributors' commentaries and in their case studies, these scholars and activists are united in their call for a multilingual global habitus. [Subject: Language, Linguistics, Communication, Peace Studies]

Publication Date: 10/31/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781868887491