The Road to Democracy in South Africa

Volume 6 (1990-1996), Parts 1 & 2

Edited by: SADET (South African Democracy Education Trust)

This sixth volume of The Road to Democracy in South Africa examines the tumultuous and nerve wracking 1990s, explicitly defined by the horrendous and unabated political violence, the unbanning of the liberation movements, the release of political prisoners, the repatriation of political 'exiles,' and the Convention for a Democratic South Africa which led to the first ever democratic elections in the country. Contents include: The Dismantling of the Garrison State * The National Party and the Changing of the Minds: The 1970s and the 1980s * Violence in Natal and Zululand: The 1980s * The Re-Establishment of the ANC inside the Country * The Re-Incorporation of Transkei into South Africa * Political Transformations in the Bantustans of Lebowa, KwaNdelebe, and KaNgwane * Bophuthatswana and the Transition into the North-West Province * Survival Politics by the Qwaqwa Homeland Government: Resistance and Collaboration * The ANC's Radio Freedom, Its Audiences, and the Struggle against Apartheid * War Resistance * The Struggle for Non-Racial Sport * The National Party and Negotiations * The Inkatha Freedom Party and the Multiparty Negotiations * Violence in Natal and Zululand * The South African Communist Party in the 1990s * The Black Consciousness Movement * Women and the Struggle for Gender Inclusivity during the Transition * Black Student Politics * The South African Council of Churches during the Transition to Freedom * The Arts in the Aftermath of Democracy * The Politics of Visual Arts * and more. (Series: The Road to Democracy in South Africa - Vol. 6) (This book is a two part set.)

1584 pages

Publication Date: 4/20/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781868887200