Re Tswa Kae Batswana?

By Ikalafeng Ishmael Lesejane

[Text is in the African language Setswana.] Re Tswa Kae Batswana? is a narrative based on the teaching of Indigenous Knowledge System in Setswana culture. The story is in form of a dialogue between an elder and a young learner who is eager to know the traditional customs, mores and ethos of Batswana. The book covers traditional institutions and practices such as kingship, child-bearing, cattle kraal patterns, agriculture, metal working, wood-working, burials, storage pits, initiation schools, marriage, etc. Re Tswa Kae Batswana? is the first book of its kind in Setswana with a wealth of knowledge well examined and explicated.

Publication Date: 12/10/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781868887002