South African Landscape Architecture

A Compendium / A Reader

Edited by: Hennie Stoffberg, Clinton Hindes, Liana Muller

This ground-breaking two volume set celebrates South Africa's outstanding landscape architecture projects. Spanning more than 25 years, environmental, cultural, and scientific professional practice projects are documented in full color. Since 1985, the Institute for Landscape Architects of South Africa (ILASA) has recognized landscape architecture projects worthy of merit awards. The merit award projects are collected here to preserve them as a set of historically significant (and landmark) projects in one consolidated publication, while showcasing the best professional work of South Africa's prominent landscape architects. South African Landscape Architecture: A Compendium presents these key projects which led to the profession becoming a cornerstone of the creation of outdoor space. Moreover, the inspired leadership reflected in these projects has contributed towards cultural and environmental stewardship in South Africa. This retrospective study advances the knowledge of rigorous local practice on an international level and confirms the vital role of quality outdoor public and private spaces. The Compendium publicizes the great achievements of South African landscape architects and assists in creating a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the discipline of landscape architecture. It serves as a benchmark for peers and multi-disciplinary design and environmental teams. South African Landscape Architecture: A Reader consists of lengthy theoretical research papers, as well as shorter, focused, and applied research articles presented with full color illustrations. It is a publication of definitive works by leading researchers in a contemporary method. The academic writings are diverse, supporting the expression of sub-disciplines within a larger context, based on the latest research within the fields of theory, culture, heritage, science, and design.

606 pages

Publication Date: 4/1/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781868886876