Pheko ya Gole

Ditso tsa Setswana

By Phaladi M Sebate

Text is in the African language Setswana. Like a traditional granary, Pheko ya Gole is a treasure store for the study of Setswana oral literature. In this work, the writer gives detailed descriptions of Setswana lore, including stories, idioms, riddles, proverbs, indigenous poetry and cultural pedagogy. The author splendidly delineates the structure, function and significance of these oral literary devices. He uses simple language with well elucidated examples to unravel the rich and complex imagery of orality. In Pheko, the author achieves the goal of conserving the remnants of Setswana cultural norms and values, at the same time developing the use of Setswana as a literary medium. Students, teachers, lecturers and researchers will find this fascinating and captivating study an invaluable handbook wherever Setswana is spoken. Pheko ya Gole is a storehouse from which Batswana can draw to renew their heritage and escape the limitations of westernisation.

Publication Date: 11/17/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781868886715