By Isaac Mgcineni Malobola, Phillip Mandla Bhuda

Text is in the African language isiNdebele. This book is a collection of short stories written by two authors. The stories are comprised of various themes which pertain to diverse life challenges. Some of these themes can be considered as groundbreaking since they have not been addressed in African indigenous literature, such as social investment by successful community members ; encouraging studying either part-time or full-time even under adverse conditions; and elimination of crime and corruption, etc. Some of the stories are based on the real life experiences of the authors themselves, while other themes are recounts of events they have observed or merely their creative thinking. Authors have managed to successfully share their experiences with the readers, especially with stories based on events that touched their lives as individuals. Both young and old can enjoy reading the stories in this collection. The stories are motivating and have moral lessons, especially to the young generation as the people who still have a lot to learn before they mature to adulthood and its challenges.

Publication Date: 5/12/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781868886708