The Road to Democracy in South Africa

Volume 4 (1980-1990), Parts 1 & 2

Edited by: SADET (South African Democracy Education Trust)

In this fourth volume of The Road to Democracy in South Africa series, "...the once-banished African voice is at the centre of both the narrative and the historical analysis - a conscious effort that has positively enriched the production of historical knowledge in South Africa," states Dr. Sifiso Ndlovu of the South African Democracy Education Trust. The two volume set is based on oral testimonies collected by various researchers who discuss the tumultuous 1980s in South Africa. It includes contributions on: the Apartheid state * the African National Congress (ANC) and negotiations * the arts * women's struggles * the ANC's underground and armed struggle * the Pan Africanist Congress * the Black Consciousness Movement and the Azanian Peoples' Organization * the South African Communist Party * the above-the-ground struggles conducted by white activists * the trade union movement. (Series: The Road to Democracy in South Africa - Vol. 4) [Subject: African Studies, History, Politics]

1778 pages

Publication Date: 12/1/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781868886449