Introduction to Participatory Community Practice

By Rinie Schenck, Hanna Nel, Huma Louw

This uniquely illustrated handbook will find a wide audience, ranging from social work and community development students to beginning social service practitioners and micro-level development professionals working with communities, especially in the Southern African context. An experienced team of authors unpacks the definition that people-centered community practice is a change and management process. This process is facilitated with a community of people to take action to increasingly actualize their fundamental human needs to enhance the quality of their own lives and those of the wider community that they are part of. The book's assets/strengths-based approach to community practice is consistent with fundamental social work values. This approach ensures that even beginners would work with communities in a respectful way so that communities would not be imposed upon or disempowered in the process. Since the approach is strongly grounded in theory, this equips facilitators with the basic knowledge to approach any community and facilitate any potential project. The authors - as tertiary educators, researchers, and facilitators - have richly harvested from their engagement with students, colleagues, and communities to write this user-friendly textbook.

376 pages

Publication Date: 12/1/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781868886012