Media Policy in a Changing Southern Africa

Critical Reflections on Media Reforms in the Global Age

Edited by: Dumisani Moyo, Wallace Chuma

A great deal of continuity and change have characterized media and communication policymaking in Southern Africa during the past two decades. Rapid political and economic developments spawned the adoption of 'second generation' reforms aimed at opening up the media to diverse and pluralistic interests in the context of ongoing democratization projects. This book offers a range of debates and ideas about media policymaking in Southern Africa. Moving from regional case studies that examine the political economy of media reform over a period covering roughly two decades, the collection concludes with a look into the future, taking stock of what has been 'hit and missed,' and of the possibilities for transcending the current uncertain phase. It expands the mediated public sphere and takes the debate on media reforms to a new level, following a certain degree of policy 'maturation.' A major strength is that it focuses on policymaking in various media sectors, including broadcasting, print, and the new information and communications technologies.

327 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781868885695