The New Business Writing Workbook

Revised Edition

By Cathy Pienaar

Revised by popular demand and based on decades of teaching experience, Cathy Pienaar sets out to provide people from all walks of life with a practical approach to business writing skills. In it, guidelines are given for anyone who is relatively new to the field of Business English. A wide range of business settings and situations are provided, in which users can practise and improve their business writing skills. The approach is not prescriptive, so that the guidelines contained in this book may be adapted to fulfill the requirements of any company. As the title indicates, this is a workbook. Chapters 1 to 7 provide information about the writing process as well as the basic business skills that are essential in a business environment. The workbook includes various activities that test the skills taught in each chapter. Chapter 8 has two business communication projects. The aim of these projects is to give students and the general public the opportunity to use different business writing skills within their own work environment.

127 pages

Publication Date: 6/1/2009
Format: Spiral/Wiro/Comb
ISBN: 9781868885558