Memory Strategies

A Memory Improvement Program

By Deirdre Potgieter

Compiled by a seasoned professional, this is a user-friendly instructional CD which provides training in strategies for improving one's memory. After introducing study management skills, five sections offer the user different strategies for improving memory. This CD has proved to be extremely useful to pupils as well as to the beginner student, in sharpening their memory abilities. This program can also be used by teachers, psychologists, counsellors and trainers to enhance the memory potential of students and adults. This computer program will have a positive effect on memory improvement, and is offered in a very simple, friendly interface. Minimum System requirements: Pentium II Computer with 16 MB RAM, a CD-Rom drive, a mouse, a 16 million colour display and a sound card. Operating System: Microsoft Windows

Publication Date: 10/1/2009
Format: CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781868885534