All Things Hold Together

Holistic Theologies at the African Grassroots: Selected Essays

By M L Daneel

The African Initiated Churches (AICs) in many parts of Southern Africa represent up to 50% and more of African Christianity. They have often been negatively characterised as 'sects' of a dubious Christian nature or as 'separatists', growing mainly by virtue of African reaction to the mission endeavours of Western denominations. In-depth studies appearing in this series, however, have convincingly illustrated that in terms of growth rates, indigenized evangelisation, missionary campaigns, and ecclesiastical contextualisation the AICs can no longer be regarded as a peripheral phenomenon. They belong to the mainstream of African Christianity and have developed innovative mission methods of their own which can only rate as a major contribution to the expanding Church in Africa. Although the individual essays focus on AIC leadership, worship, sacraments, healing, dialogue with practitioners of African Traditional Religion, and earthkeeping, the narration as a whole portrays the richness of AIC life and faith. The composite picture reflects the attraction this form of inculturated Christianity holds for African people - an attraction which stimulates recruitment and rapid church expansion.

424 pages

Publication Date: 6/1/2007
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781868884292