Hegel & Anti-Semitism

By Teshale Tibebu

Hegel has had a tremendous impact on modern thought, including Marxism. This book addresses issues of Anti-Semitism in Hegel's writings and lectures. It also looks into prominent post-Hegelian philosophers' views on Anti-Semitism, including those of Feuerbach, Marx and Nietzsche. Quite surprisingly, many who declare their vehement opposition to Hegel's philosophy participate in his Anti-Semitic vituperations. This full-length study of Hegel and Anti-Semitism sheds new light not only on Anti-Semitism, but also on Hegel's philosophy in general, and his philosophy of religion in particular. Hegel and Anti-Semitism reveals more about Hegel's philosophy than it does about Anti-Semitism. Hegel defended Jews' civil rights, but at the same time he taught that Judaism as a religion, and the Jews as a people, were inferior to Christianity and Christians.

196 pages

Publication Date: 6/1/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781868883776