The Public Affairs Guide to Scotland

Influencing Policy and Legislation

By Robert McGeachy, Mark Ballard

Written by two award-winning public affairs professionals, this book provides practical advice and guidance to individuals and organizations wishing to influence policy makers, and to contribute to legislative change in Scotland. It strips away the mysteries and misconceptions of engaging with the Scottish Government, Opposition parties, MSPs, and the civil service, and it explains how to deliver cost effective public affairs activities that can achieve tangible outcomes. Robert McGeachy and Mark Ballard's step-by-step guide will empower private, public and third sector organizations to manage their own public affairs programs, without the need to hire expensive consultants or specialist lobbying companies, by comprehensively outlining: What your organization could achieve by developing its own in-house public affairs activities; How to identify the correct policy and legislative context via effective parliamentary monitoring; How to engage with the legislative process; How to create, organize and undertake a public affairs program most appropriate for your organization; and more. Full of useful hints and tips, and written with the benefit of years of experience and success in the profession, The Public Affairs Guide to Scotland will be an essential tool for those organizations needing to engage with the legislative process of the Scottish Parliament and its policy development. [Subject: Public Policy, Politics, Scottish Parliament]~

Publication Date: 2/13/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781860571268