Plaid Cymru

An Ideological Analysis

By Alan Sandry

This ground-breaking study of Plaid Cymru's political philosophy challenges the conventional assumption that Plaid Cymru - a political party that is generally regarded as being the foremost advocate of Welsh nationalism - conforms to the traditional model of a nationalist party. The exhaustive analysis notes that Plaid's ideology is diverse and complex and in places shares certain political convictions with other political philosophies - i.e. an environmentalist Green agenda, a decentralist Liberal agenda, and a welfarist Socialist agenda. Plaid Cymru: An Ideological Analysis contends that, since the party's establishment in 1925, nationalism has been erroneously used as a motif or flag of convenience by the party itself and by those who have written about it. The book is not, therefore, a standard work of political science or merely an historical appraisal of Plaid Cymru. Rather, it uncovers the party's philosophical development, and it challenges some of the perceptions surrounding the party's ideology, asserting that Plaid Cymru is not merely a nationalist party, but is more of a socialist party, albeit with a complex matrix of underlying ideologies.

240 pages

Publication Date: 12/21/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781860571169