Vitae Sanctorum Britanniae et Genealogiae

The Lives and Genealogies of the Welsh Saints (Second Edition)

Edited by: A. W. Wade-Evans, Scott Lloyd

This new expanded edition of a classic and widely-used academic text, first published in 1944, provides the Latin texts of the lives of the Welsh saints found in Cotton Vespasian A. xiv. from the British Library dated to c.1200. As well as being the major source for Welsh hagiography, the book also contains Arthurian material that predates the publication of Geoffrey of Monmouth's influential Historia Regum Britanniae in 1138. The second edition includes additional material in the way of: a new introduction to draw attention to the scholarship published on these Welsh saints over the last 60 years * a translation and detailed commentary on the Life of St. Beuno (Buchedd Beuno) by A.W. Wade-Evans, not included in the original edition, and also his English translation of the Life of St. David * an important review of the original publication by Thomas Jones. The lives of eleven saints are included in their original language with a facing page English translation (Brynach, Beuno, Cadog, Carannog, David, Gwynllyw, Illtud, Cybi, Padarn, Tatheus, and Winifred). Additionally, the book offers six genealogical tracts that provide even more biographical information from medieval Welsh tradition. The book is completed by an index of proper names, and the original pagination has been retained to make referencing easier. (Series: Studies in Medieval Wales)

418 pages

Publication Date: 10/1/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781860570896