An Anthology of Finnish Folktales

Edited by: Helena Henderson

Contributions by: Helena Henderson

Storytelling as a living tradition has been preserved longer in Finland than in many other countries, because of its relative geographical isolation compared to other countries that more readily came into contact with other civilizations which destroyed local oral traditions. As in other countries, skilled storytellers were often representatives of the itinerant trades, such as cobblers, tailors, lumberjacks, peddlers, and beggars. Now available in paperback, this anthology of Finnish folktales is an excellent introduction to a rich oral tradition for both the general reader and for students of folklore. The book also includes a number of popular Finnish jokes and anecdotes. [Please note: This collection was previously published in hardback as The Maiden Who Rose from the Sea and Other Finnish Folktales by Hisarlik Press in 1992.]

134 pages

Publication Date: 7/10/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781860570834