The Butcher

The Duke of Cumberland and the Suppression of the '45 (Second Edition)

By William A Speck

In the 18th century, when roused from the initial reluctance to take the Jacobite Rebellion seriously, supporters of the Hanoverian dynasty rallied to its defense and exposed adherents of the Stuarts as a small minority, not only in England, but even in Scotland. The result was to revenge the spectacular early successes of the Young Pretender's forces in the crushing defeat at Culloden. The leader of the government's forces, The Duke of Cumberland, was determined there would not be a third rebellion to add to those in 1715 and 1745, and his tactics and treatment of the defeated Jacobite forces rightly earned him the title 'The Butcher.' This second edition of The Butcher: The Duke of Cumberland and the Suppression of the '45 examines the English government's response to the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion. While there have been many studies of the uprising from the Jacobite perspective, few have tackled the event from the view of the government and its supporters.

202 pages

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Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781860570599