High-Risk Pregnancy and Foetal Diagnosis

Your Journey

By Stephanie Azri

This book offers practical guidance to women who are suddenly confronted with medical diagnoses that place them in a high-risk category or indicate abnormalities in their developing babies. The author draws on her own personal experience to provide useful information about a wide range of medical conditions in a way that takes account of the emotional and psychological impact. The sections devoted to the diagnosis of high-risk pregnancy and fetal anomalies include a range of first-person accounts of these experiences. In sections on pregnancy, labor, and on the death of a child, the author provides a wealth of advice for dealing with the practical, ethical, and emotional issues that can arise in the different stages of these experiences of pregnancy. The author refers to recent scientific findings in this field and provides a comprehensive glossary of medical terms, as well as a further reading section for both adults and children within families affected by these medical conditions. The book has a strong practical focus throughout and the author provides a list of recipes to accompany the dietary advice and suggestions of specific exercises to promote health during this journey. The book also supplies comprehensive lists of support organizations throughout the world that specialize in helping people to deal with the requirements of specific medical conditions.

144 pages

Publication Date: 2/1/2006
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781853439889