Debates and Testimonies

By Denys Ribas

Contributions by: Sophie Leighton

Childhood autism is a fascinating and disturbing disorder that has given rise to contentious debates, which often end in impasse. Author Denys Ribas reviews this enigmatic condition, focusing on the work of Hans Asperger, which paved the way for institutional care and has wider importance than has often been recognized, and on testimonies provided by former sufferers from autism, and on the analytic psychotherapy of a child. Ribas examines all the theories under discussion today, including developments in genetics and the access to symbolization, and instigates a constructive debate between the traditionally conflicting views of psychoanalysis and the cognitive sciences. Written in a lucid style that explains the concepts with reference to a glossary, this book will be relevant not only to students, professionals, and parents who are dealing with the psychic difficulties of autistic children and the challenge of treating them, but also to anyone with a general interest in the development of thought and language.

154 pages

Publication Date: 5/1/2006
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781853439087