Sacred Cycles

The Spiral of Women's Well Being

By Sara Wickham

Have you ever thought about how you would like to be born, wondered why tampon advertisements always use blue liquid or dreamed of living in a society with Government-funded luxury hotels for women who needed space? Have you ever wondered why so many women living in the West still believe their bodies are inferior to men's and that others hold responsibility for their health and well being? By comparing the things women have been taught about their bodies to real women's experiences, women-centered research and common sense wisdom, this book explores women's reproductive health and well-being through the eyes of women themselves, examining myths and opinions and questioning whether the things we learn from the media and through education systems are serving us well. The author explores a wide variety of historical and cultural perspectives, and, drawing on the experiences of over 100 women, the major transitions of women's lives are explored. Does science have all the answers, or is there a space for other ways of knowing? Are medical recommendations more accurate than old wives' tales? How do women care for themselves during their menstrual cycles, or during menopause? This book will enable women to realize that they are the experts in their own lives and health, and enable men to deepen their understanding of who women are.

186 pages

Publication Date: 9/1/2004
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781853437342

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