Voice and Self

A Handbook of Personal Voice Development Therapy

By Ingeburg Stengel

Voice and Self introduces specific vocal and physical techniques aimed at developing and healing the voice and establishing general physical and mental well-being. The authors believe that, not only is an optimal mental and physical state necessary for optimal vocal performance, but also that mental and physical health are necessary pre-requisites for a person finding his or her own voice thus creating a reciprocal relationship between them. Having demonstrated this explicit link between the voice and physical and mental health, the authors present a thorough analysis of our vocal capabilities. Supported with a fully illustrated description of the physiology of voice and breathing, the book goes on to develop a comprehensive description of many possible correctable voice defects. With detailed descriptions of numerous vocal and physical exercises developed by the authors in the course of their many years as practicing counselors and therapists, Voice and Self is invaluable as a handbook both for the professional and for those who suffer from vocal ailments.

200 pages

Publication Date: 7/14/2000
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781853435003

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