Studies of Childhood

By James Sully

This study was compiled from anecdotes Sully collected both from informants and from published sources, and crafted into engaging and flowing prose. It journeys through major categories of human experience that are of interest today: play and imagination; thought and concepts; language; emotional life (especially fear); morality and discipline; aesthetic sensibility and drawing. This book provides a natural history of development in each of these areas beginning in infancy and extending through early childhood and offers one of the most compelling portraits ever produced by a scholarly writer of what it is like to live in the mind of a child. There is an extensive introduction to the text by Susan Sugarman (Princeton Univ.) and a biographical account of Sully by Elizabeth Valentine (University of London). Studies of Childhood is introduced by Susan Sugarman, Professor of Psychology at Princeton University.

576 pages

Publication Date: 4/19/2000
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781853434853