Counselling Women in Violent Relationships

By Paul Lockley

Violence against women is a serious and very common social problem, affecting, according to some estimates, one third of women in relationships. Paradoxically, it is a problem which remains under-resourced and little understood. In this comprehensive and practical handbook, Paul Lockley guides the reader through the reality of such violence and different perceptions of it. This leads to an examination of how the distorting lens of theory can rationalize such abusive behavior, with the result that helpers can not only fail to be of assistance, but also put women at risk. The author, letting his clients do the talking, combines a practical approach with the application of recent research and established theory. The outcome calls for a radical review of person-centered counselling wherein the skills, values and understanding are all shaped to take account of the power imbalance in violent relationships. This book will prove invaluable for counselors, social workers, support workers or befrienders involved or likely to be involved in counselling women in violent relationships. The author, Paul Lockley, has had twenty years experience of working as a counselor with women in violent relationships.

200 pages

Publication Date: 3/19/1999
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781853434525