Irish Communities in Early Modern Europe

Edited by: Thomas O'Connor, Mary Ann Lyons

The third collection of essays by the Irish in Europe Project, this book explores the emergence of Irish communities across Europe from Sweden to the southerly tip of Spain. Topics include Irish entrepreneurs in Sweden's industrialization; Irish merchant dynasties in Ostend and Seville; the material culture of Irish ?migr? families in 18th-century France; rivalry within communities of Irish students in Paris, Toulouse and Cahors; Irish involvement in international diplomacy in Rome and Spain; Napoleon's Irish Legion and Irish participation in the battle of Cremona; literacy among Irish immigrants in Spain, and the translation of Irish Counter-Reformation literature. Contributors include: L.M. Cullen (TCD), Jan Parmentier (U. Ghent), Jane Ohlmeyer (TCD), Thomas Bartlett (UCD), Steve Murdoch~(St Andrews), M. Bego?a Villar Garc?a (U. M?laga), Patrick Fert? (U. Toulouse-Le Mirail), Liam Chambers (Mary I, Limerick), Pierre Joannon (Ireland Fund de France), Ciaran Brady (TCD), ?oghan ? hAnnrach?in (Brussels), ?scar Recio Morales (TCD), Igor P?rez Tostado (NUIG), Martin Murphy (Oxford), Thomas Byrne (NUIM), Tadhg ? hAnnrach?in (UCD), ?amon ? Cios?in (NUIM), Charles Dillon (QUB), Ciaran O'Scea (Valladolid), Enrique Garc?a Hern?n (Madrid), Patrick Clarke de Dromantin (Bordeaux).

507 pages

Publication Date: 7/21/2006
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781851829934

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