Ulster-New Zealand Migration and Cultural Transfers

Edited by: Brad Patterson

This collection throws new light on migration patterns, and identifies who the Ulster settlers were, probing the contributions they made to New Zealand society. - Contents include: Alasdair Galbraith (U Auckland) Irish Protestant tradition in colonial New Zealand - Malcolm Campbell (U Auckland) How Ulster was New Zealand? - Lyndon Fraser (U Canterbury) How Ulster was the West Coast? - Jock Phillips (Ministry of Culture & Heritage, Wellington) Who were the Ulster immigrants? - Angela McCarthy (U Aberdeen) Ulster Protestant letter writers in New Zealand - Brad Patterson (Victoria U) Katikati: the historiography - Shirley Arabin (ind.) Fitzgibbon Louch - Sean Brosnahan (Otago Settlers' Museum) Rutherford Waddell - Rory Sweetman (U Otago) History of Orangeism in New Zealand - Patrick Coleman (Lincoln U) Orangeism in Canterbury - Melanie Nolan (Victoria U) Was there a hidden 'Orange mark' on the New Zealand labour movement? - Jim McAloon (Lincoln U) Ulster folk in the colonial economy - Roberta McIntyre (Victoria U) John Martin - Neal Garnham (U Ulster) An Irish sportsman in New Zealand and elsewhere - Edmund Bohan (ind.) Auckland's Carbuncle Jack and Mr Punch of Canterbury - Brian Easton (ind.) John Balance - James Watson (Massey U) W.F. Massey and Ireland.

286 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2006
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781851829576