Bach Studies from Dublin

Irish Musical Studies Vol 8

Edited by: Anne Leahy, Yo Tomita

The eighth volume in the IMS series analyzes the performances of Bach in Ireland and abroad. Contents; Ido Abravaya - The Baroque upbeat: outline of its typology and evolution, Harry White - Johann Joseph Fux and the question of Einbau techniqueJanice B. Stockigt - The royal Polish and electoral Saxon court and state calendars, 1728-50, Rebecca Kan - Vivaldi, Bach and their concerto slow movements , Gregory Butler - The Prelude to the Third English Suite BWV 808, Don O. Franklin - Bach's temporal design for the Goldberg Variations, Robin A. Leaver - Death and beyond in Bach's vocal music, J. Drew Stephen - Bach's horn parts, Martin Elste - Bach in North America during the Shellac era (1900-50), Dorottya Fabian - Bach performances during the late 20th century, John Butt - Bach in the 21st century, Yo Tomita - Bach's Credo in England, Barra Boydell - Performance of Bach's vocal music in Dublin in the 19th and early 20th centuries, Hans-Joachim Schulze - Bach at the turn of the 20th century (Series: Irish Musical Studies)

270 pages

Publication Date: 5/19/2004
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781851828579