The Pastoral and Education Letters of Bishop James Doyle of Kildare and Leighlin, 1786-1834

By Thomas Mcgrath

The brilliant Bishop James Doyle of Kildare and Leighlin (J.K.L.) was the outstanding Catholic bishop of his time. This major source book is a companion volume to the author's two-volume study of Doyle which won the NUI Irish Historical Research Prize. It comprises the complete corpus of Doyle's pastoral and education letters. The pastoral letters detail the religious renewal and reform of the Irish Church which Doyle led in the era of Catholic Emancipation. The work contains the national pastoral letters written by Doyle in the name of the entire Irish hierarchy. Doyle's letters on education are essential for understanding the background to the founding of the national system of education in 1831. They deal with the education of the poor and include letters to the Catholic Association and Daniel O'Connell.

384 pages

Publication Date: 11/1/2004
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781851827770