The Irish Revival Reappraised

Edited by: E.A. Taylor FitzSimon, James H. Murphy

Selina Guinness (Dun Laoghaire) Ireland through the stereoscope: reading the cultural politics of theosophy in the Irish Literary Revival Leeann Lane DCU) 'There are compensations in the congested districts for their poverty': ? and the idealized peasant of the agricultural co-operative movement Liam MacMath?na (DCU) From manuscripts to street signs via S?adna: the Gaelic League and the changing role of literacy in Irish, 1875-1915 "na N? Bhroim?il (Mary Immac.) American influence on the Gaelic League: inspiration or control? Mary Stakelum (UL) A song to sweeten Ireland's wrong: music education and the Celtic Revival Elizabeth Crooke (UU) Revivalist archaeology and museum politics during the Irish Revival Janice Helland (Queen's, King.) Embroidered spectacle: Celtic Revival as aristocratic display Elaine Cheasley Paterson (QUB) Crafting a national identity: the Dun Emer Guild, 1902-8 Marnie Hay (UCD) Explaining Uladh: cultural nationalism in Ulster Lucy McDiarmid (Villanova U) Revivalist belligerence: three controversies Alex Davis (UCC) Whoops from the peat-bog?: Joseph Campbell and the London avant-garde Maria O'Brien (UU) Thomas William Rolleston: the forgotten man G.K. Peatling (Guelph U) Robert Lynd, paradox and the Irish revival: 'Acting-out' or 'Working-through'? Brian Griffin (Bath Spa) The Revival at local level: Katherine Frances Purdon's portrayal of rural Ireland Michael McAteer A currency crisis: modernist dialectics in The Countess Cathleen Mary Burke (QUB) Eighteenth-century European scholarship and nineteenth-century Irish literature: Synge's Tinker's Wedding and the orientalizing of 'Irish Gypsies' Patrick Lonergan (NUIG) 'The sneering, lofty conception of what they call culture': O'Casey, popular culture and the Literary Revival

236 pages

Publication Date: 2/26/2004
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781851827572

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