Ireland in the New Century

Politics, Culture & Identity

Edited by: Robert Savage

Contents Alvin Jackson: Unionism, and the future of the union Declan Kiberd: Republicanism and culture in the new millennium Gear?id ? Tuathaigh: Reading the future: the Republican idea in the new century Kevin Whelan: National identity in twentieth-first century republicanism: the legacy of the United Irishmen Richard Kearney: Towards a post-nationalist archipelago Seamus Deane: Burke and de Tocqueville: new worlds, new beings Kevin Kenny: Writing the history of the Irish diaspora Declan McGonagle: Topography of contemporary visual arts Liz Cullingford: Michael Collins and the reading of the Irish past Robert Savage: Sean Lemass and the image of modern Ireland Nuala N? Dhomhnaill: The yeast in the bread: the rise in the culture: the role of Irish in contemporary Ireland M?che?l ? S?illeabh?in: An island of sound: reflections on music, politics and identity in contemporary Ireland

238 pages

Publication Date: 7/1/2003
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781851827206