Dante Metamorphoses

Episodes in a Literary Afterlife

Edited by: Eric Haywood

The essays in this volume pinpoint moments in Dante's literary fortune between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries and in four different countries - Italy, Spain, Germany and England. They are: Landmarks of Dante's Fortuna in the Florentine Quattrocento: Corinna Salvadori (TCD); Lovers in hell: fifteenth-century Spanish representations: Nicholas Round (U Sheffield); Ariosto on Dante: too divine and Florentine: Eric Haywood (UCD); Dante in the poetic theory and practice of Tommaso Campanella: Enzo No? Girardi (Catholic U. Milan); Dante, Spinoza and Goethe: Daniel Farrelly (UCD); "Dante the Popular Cantastorie: Carlo Porta's dialect translation of the Commedia: Verina Jones (U Reading); 'Woe to thee, Simon Magus!': Henry Cary's translation of Inferno XIX": Edoardo Crisafulli (U Manchester); Dante and George Eliot: Andrew Thompson (U Genoa); Francesca da Rimini from romanticism to decadence : Deirdre O'Grady (UCD).

252 pages

Publication Date: 9/30/2003
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781851826629