Intellectual Property

A Dictionary on Legal Terms: English-Chinese / Chinese-English

Edited by: Klaus Mehler, Stefan Moller

Over the last few decades, the exchange of goods and services between the industrialized countries and China has increased rapidly. It has become one of the main sources of growth, both in the US and in Europe. As a consequence, intellectual property (IP) rights have inevitably become crucial for free and undistorted trade. The creation and protection of patents, trademarks, and industrial designs are now main areas both of consultation and cross-border litigation and arbitration. In order to help practitioners and their staff understand and use English and Chinese IP terms correctly, this dictionary provides a glossary of about 2,400 terms, giving the meaning in English and Chinese, both in Chinese characters and Pinyin transcription. A detailed introduction will facilitate the search by Chinese radicals, while an annex shows, in bilingual form, the most relevant forms, cover sheets, statutes etc. [Subject: Intellectual Property Law, Copyright Law, Patent Law, Trademark Law, Chinese Law, Legal Reference]

Publication Date: 8/11/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849469999