Critical Legal Perspectives on Global Governance

Liber Amicorum David M Trubek

Edited by: Grainne de Burca, Claire Kilpatrick, Joanne Scott

Now available in paperback, this festschrift, written in honor of Professor David Trubek, explores many of the themes which he has himself written about, most notably the emergence of a global critical discourse on law and its application to global governance. As law becomes ever more implicated in global governance, and as processes related to and driven by globalization transform legal systems at all levels, it is important that critical traditions in law adapt to the changing legal order. The book brings together critical scholars - from the EU, North America, and South America - to explore the forms of law that are emerging in the global governance context, the processes and legal roles that have developed, and the critical discourses that have been formed. By looking at critical appraisals of law at the global, regional, and national level, the links among them, and the normative implications of critical discourses, the book shows the complexity of law in today's world and demonstrates the value of critical legal thought for our understanding of issues of contemporary governance and regulation. The book contributes to critical studies of global and regional institutions, explores the governance of labor and development policy in depth, and discusses the changing role of lawyers in global regulatory space. [Subject: Public International Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Comparative Law]

Publication Date: 6/18/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781849469678

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