Protecting and Enforcing Life Science Inventions in Europe under EPC and EU Law

From Antibodies to Zebrafish (Second Edition)

By Franz-Josef Zimmer, Steven M. Zeman, Jens Hammer, Klara Goldbach, Bernd Allekotte

In Europe over the last two decades, both legislators and the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office have invested considerable effort to adjust the law and practice governing life science inventions to the rapidly changing technological landscape. This book provides an introduction to life science patent practice and jurisdiction in Europe, according to the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the European Patent Convention, and secondary EU law. The book will assist experts and corporations in the field of life sciences to convert their research into protective, enforceable rights in Europe. It conveys a sense of the requirements for patentability and the issues influencing patent enforcement by presenting illustrative examples of relevant decisions and claims. Thus, while clearly addressing patent professionals, the book serves as a starting point for readers requiring general guidance as to the factors influencing patent protection for life science inventions, and examples of claim language used. Where the first edition focused primarily on biotechnological subject matter, the second edition addresses the broader field of life sciences. It also includes a new chapter on the enforcement of patent rights throughout Europe and an outline of the forthcoming Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court system. [Subject: European Law, Patent Law]

Publication Date: 2/1/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849469111