Reconceptualising the Rule of Law in Global Governance, Resources, Investment and Trade

Edited by: Photini Pazartzis, Maria Gavouneli, Anastasios Gourgourinis, Matina Papadaki

The relevance and importance of the rule of law to the international legal order cannot be doubted. Its significance was recently reaffirmed by the Declaration of the High-level Meeting of the General Assembly on the Rule of Law at the National and International Level, which made a solemn commitment to it on behalf of states and international organizations. In this edited collection, leading scholars and practitioners - from the fields of global governance, resources, investment, and trade - examine how the commitment to the rule of law manifests itself in the respective fields. The book looks at cutting-edge issues within each field and examines the questions arising from the interplay between them. With a clear three-part structure, it explores each area in detail and addresses contemporary challenges while trying to assure a commitment to the rule of law. The contributions also consider how the rule of law has been or should be reconceptualized. Taking a multi-disciplinary approach, the book will appeal to international lawyers from across the spectrum, including practitioners in the field of international investment and trade law. [Subject: International Law, Investment Law, Trade Law]

Publication Date: 8/4/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849468800