EU Immigration and Asylum Law

A Commentary (Second Edition)

Edited by: Kay Hailbronner, Daniel Thym

In the European Union, national rules on immigration and asylum have been transformed in recent years. EU Directives and Regulations, including the relevant case law of the European Court of Justice, have become ever more important - for those working in ministries, immigration authorities, national courts, academia, and NGOs, as well as for those who are practicing lawyers. This fundamentally revised and amended second edition focuses on core EU legislation, including the Asylum Qualification Directive, the Asylum Procedure and Reception Directives, the Dublin III Regulation, the Border Code, Visa and Frontex Regulations, the Family Reunion Directive, the Blue Card Directive, the Long Term Residents' Directive, and the Return Directive. With contributions by renowned specialists working in academia or practice across Europe, the book will be essential reading for academics, practitioners, NGOs, and officers working in the field of European law, immigration law, and asylum law. [Subject: EU Law, Immigration Law, Asylum Law, Human Rights Law]

Publication Date: 6/2/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849468619