Power of Persuasion

Essays by a Very Public Lawyer

By Louis Blom-Cooper

Over the developing years of the UK's judicial review of ministerial and governmental decisions, Sir Louis Blom-Cooper was a leading advocate who grew up with the advent of a distinctive brand of public law. His range of public activities, both in and outside the courtroom, saw him dubbed by his colleagues as a polymath practitioner. Included were his chairmanship of plural public inquiries in child abuse and mental health; his media contributions in the broadsheet press and in broadcasting; and his innovation in penal reform, as an ardent campaigner for the abolition of capital punishment and a plea for a modern Homicide Act in the UK. He styled himself as a modern, reconstructed liberal - a man before his time. This collection of essays is uniquely prefaced by a self-examination of Sir Louis Blom-Cooper's unorthodox philosophy towards the law in action. The book covers a variety of socio-legal topics that express his ambition to inform a poorly educated public on the workings of the legal system. This aim involves a discussion of the constitutional history of Britain, unwritten and insufficiently interpreted. It reflects a commitment to the European Convention on Human Rights and portrays its international origins. The essays opine on crime and punishment; in the functioning of the courts and elsewhere the political shift from the penal optimism of the 1970s to the reactionary punitiveness of the post-1990s. The essays conclude with a miscellany of affairs, reflecting on professional practices and their product of judicial heroes in both Lord Reid and Lord Bingham. *** "Too often, learned legal memoires do not shape up the way we would expect them to...Not so with Louis Blom-Cooper...The mark of a great advocate is the communication of information in a simple and clear manner and that is what we have with 'Power of Persuasion'." --Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers *** "...what is remarkable about this book is the author's success in demonstrating that fairness in criminal adjudication and restraint in sentencing are fundamental if a community is to achieve peace, order and justice." --Gilles Renaud, Criminal Law Journal [Subject: Socio-Legal Studies, Public Law, Criminal Law, Media Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law]

Publication Date: 2/19/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781849468169

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